gerstnerFor over 100 years, Gerstner Electric, Inc. has been a leader in the signal and lighting industry in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. We are proud of our track record and are committed to the health and safety of all of our employees. We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our employees and fellow contractors first and to embody honesty and integrity in the pursuit of excellence.

The establishment and maintenance of a safe workplace is a responsibility that must be shared between the employer and all employees. To achieve this, every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that we all cooperate in meeting our goal of accident prevention and health preservation.

Safety begins and ends with proper planning. With that in mind, Gerstner Electric, Inc. has gone to great lengths to provide exceptional training for all employees and managers on the rigors of construction and has provided the knowledge and tools for each job to be completed safely. Each employee is empowered to make the safe call and take the time necessary to perform the job the right way, the safe way.

In an effort to provide a healthy and safe atmosphere, employees are required to complete an extensive orientation process and comply with a strictly enforced Substance Abuse Program. In addition to this training, each employee is required to attend two days of annual training, monthly safety meetings, daily job briefings, and to participate in a monthly Safety Awareness and Training Bulletin meeting.

Onsite, employees are encouraged to follow all policies and procedures and are inspected on a regular basis for compliance. The Gerstner Electric, Inc. Employee Safety Handbook has been designed to meet and in many cases exceed the OSHA Standards. The handbook is constantly under review with the help of employee committees to ensure that the best and safest practices are adopted.

The success of our Company will depend upon not only construction and project completion, but also on how safely each job is performed. There is no job so important that we cannot take the time to work safely.