gerstnerGerstner’s team believes in long-term partnerships and with this we always want to be adding value to the customer.

One way we do this is through our design partner, Red Light Design, LLC.

Red Light has designed and acquired permits for over forty local intersections. Their in-house professional engineers apply practical construction experience for real-world applications.

Their backgrounds as resident engineers for MoDOT and lead designers from some of the St. Louis area’s most distinguished design firms offer our clients unique opportunities to get the most efficient plan before construction begins.

We have designed and acquired permits for the following types of work:

  • Traffic Signal Intersections
  • Emergency Pre Emption Systems
  • Fiber Optic Splice Diagrams
  • Red Light Camera Design

We have designed and acquired permits for the following government agencies:

  • Missouri Department of Transportation
  • St. Louis County Highway Department
  • The City of St. Louis
  • The City of St. Peters

Design-Build Possibilities:

Gerstner Electric and Red Light offers the unique ability to partner together to offer a one stop shop for your design-build needs. By combining our construction experience with our knowledge of the specifications for various highway authorities, we are able to provide cost savings to our customers and we are committed to providing the best value for your project.

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together with you on your design project.